What I Do

I can handle everything you need when it comes to virtual assisting, branding and broadcasting your message to your customers.


Planning & Strategy

Let’s work together to talk about your business. What are your goals with social media and branding? What administrative tasks can I take off your plate? Are you experienced with social media and want to take it to the next level? Or are you a beginner and need to set up your platforms? Everyone’s story is different, so let’s work together to make your business shine.


Social Postings

Most businesses can benefit from posting on Facebook, Instagram and Google. Social media gives you the opportunity to communicate your brand, company culture and why you do what you do.

In addition, Facebook, Instagram and Google let you market directly to your customers. These platforms allow customers to communicate with you via their direct messaging capabilities. This is crucial for business. Many people look for immediate responses to questions they may have about your business or services…such as:

– What are your hours of operation?

– Are you accepting new patients/clients?

– How much do you charge?

– Do I need to have a contract to work with you?

– What is your return policy?

Although you may have answers to these questions on your website or on your social media page, many people prefer to ask questions via direct messaging to elicit a quick response and to avoid searching for the answer. Often, if a prospective client does not receive a quick response, they will move on to your competitor. If your competitor answers their questions quickly, they will likely get the business. It can be a challenge as a business owner to be “on-call” for prospective business, but it always pays off.



Monthly Analytics

Social media platforms have built in analytics for your business accounts. From these analytics we can see how your posts performed and what type of content resonates with your audience.


Social Audit

We are going to work together to interpret your monthly social media analytics. This is a valuable tool to gauge what is working and what is not on your platforms. Remember, this a marathon, not a race! Results are rarely immediate. The goal is to build brand awareness over time. Let’s look at the post comments, likes, and shares…it tells a story. I also want to get your feedback…how do you feel your campaign is working for your business? What would you like to tweak or keep doing going into the next month?


Blog Posting

Blogging is a fantastic way to boost your brand awareness. It highlights your expertise in your field and allows you to get more in-depth with your readers. Blogging can serve as a tool to drive business to your website which gives your website an SEO boost. (Search Engine Optimization) This is important because it helps with higher rankings when a business is searched online. And studies show, most people ultimately purchase from one of the top 3 businesses listed in any particular internet search. Searchers rarely click to the second page to find a business, so blogging will help keep your website content fresh which will help with your rankings.


Newsletter Blasts

A newsletter is fantastic for keeping your business on the radar of your current and potential customers. We recommend a short and sweet style of newsletter to keep readers engaged. You want to keep people up-to-date on your business happenings and offer some interesting tips and tricks. Leave the in-depth content to your blog. Our goal is to get readers to open your newsletter and skim. There’s a good chance your readers will get distracted while reading your newsletter (because there are probably 75 more emails in their inbox to read). So we want to keep things to the point with lots of opportunities to click links to your website. Let’s get creative!