A Little About Me

My name is Dana Green and I am the founder of Culture Media & Branding. I have a passion for networking and supporting small businesses. I love making new connections in our community and establishing relationships so small businesses can support one another.

I am a life-long Maryland resident. I attended Salisbury University where I earned my B.A. in Communication Arts with a minor in biology (the biology part is a long story). I then attended Towson University and earned my M.A. in Mass Communications with a focus in Public Relations. I have spent my life in relationship-focused industries…from the restaurant business to grassroots sales to the medical field where I was most recently a Marketing and Community Outreach Specialist for a large dental practice.

My number one goal is to tell everyone who you are. So let’s work together to make your business shine in a competitive landscape.

Why is the company name Culture Media & Branding and why is our logo a pearl? Culture is the name of the company because I want to focus on getting your brand the recognition it deserves. And my philosophy is “your culture is your brand.” What you do behind closed doors matters…the mission of your business, the loyalty of your team, and the connections you have in the community are your culture and in turn, your brand, which I want to help you promote.

Why the pearl? Well, it’s a cultured pearl of course! All small businesses start with an idea, and all pearls start with a grain of sand…they both had to start somewhere. And with time, you grew…just like the pearl. And you became bolder and brighter…just like the pearl. And now your small business is valuable and cherished by those that know and love you…just like the pearl. And now, we want to showcase the gem you are and highlight your value to the community.



Dana Green